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2024 Sessions - Report on the Work of the Government

2024 Sessions - Report on the Work of the Government

  • Categories:Current Affairs
  • Author:marketing office
  • Origin:People's Daily Online (PRC newspaper)
  • Time of issue:2024-04-15
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2024 Sessions - Report on the Work of the Government

(Summary description)

  • Categories:Current Affairs
  • Author:marketing office
  • Origin:People's Daily Online (PRC newspaper)
  • Time of issue:2024-04-15
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Government Work Report

——At the second session of the 14th National People's Congress on March 5, 2024

Premier Li Qiang

Source: People's Daily Online-People's Daily


Dear Representatives:

Now, on behalf of the State Council, I would like to report to the General Assembly on the work of the government, ask for deliberation, and invite members of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) to give their opinions.

1. Review of work in 2023

The past year has been the first year for the full implementation of the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the first year for the current government to perform its duties in accordance with the law. In the face of the extremely complex international environment and the arduous and arduous tasks of reform, development and stability, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core has united and led the people of all ethnic groups across the country to withstand external pressure, overcome internal difficulties, and make arduous efforts to achieve a smooth transition in the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic, achieve a major and decisive victory, successfully complete the main goals and tasks of economic and social development throughout the year, make solid progress in high-quality development, maintain stability in the overall social situation, and take solid steps to build a modern socialist country in an all-round way.

-- The overall economic rebound is improving. The GDP exceeded 126 trillion yuan, an increase of 5.2%, ranking among the top of the world's major economies. 12.44 million new jobs were created in urban areas, and the surveyed urban unemployment rate averaged 5.2 percent. Consumer prices rose by 0.2 percent. The balance of payments is basically balanced.

-- Important progress has been made in the construction of a modern industrial system. The transformation and upgrading of traditional industries has been accelerated, strategic emerging industries have flourished, the future industries have been laid out in an orderly manner, advanced manufacturing and modern service industries have been deeply integrated, and a number of major industrial innovation achievements have reached the international advanced level. The domestic large aircraft C919 has been put into commercial operation, the domestic large cruise ship has been successfully built, and the production and sales of new energy vehicles account for more than 60% of the world's total.

-- New breakthroughs have been made in scientific and technological innovation. The construction of the national laboratory system has been vigorously promoted. Fruitful achievements have been made in tackling key core technologies, making great progress in the development of high-end equipment such as aero engines, gas turbines, and fourth-generation nuclear power units, and innovative achievements in cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence and quantum technology are emerging. The turnover of technology contracts increased by 28.6%. The ability of innovation-driven development continues to improve.

-- Reform and opening up are advancing in depth. A new round of institutional reform has been basically completed at the central level, and has been carried out in an orderly manner at the local level. Strengthen the construction of a unified national market. Implement the deepening and upgrading of the reform of state-owned enterprises, and introduce policies to promote the development and growth of the private economy. The construction layout of the pilot free trade zone has been further improved. The international market share of exports remained stable, the structure of actual use of foreign capital was optimized, and the international influence and appeal of the Belt and Road Initiative were more prominent.

-- Consolidating the foundation for safe development. The grain output was 1.39 trillion catties, a record high. The supply of energy resources is stable. The independent and controllable ability of important industrial and supply chains has been improved. Risks in key areas of the economy and finance have been steadily resolved. The construction of modern infrastructure has been continuously strengthened.

-- The quality of the ecological environment has been steadily improved. The battle against pollution has been carried out in depth, the discharge of major pollutants has continued to decline, and the water quality of surface water and coastal waters has continued to improve. The "Three Norths" project has been launched in an all-round way. The installed capacity of renewable energy has historically surpassed that of thermal power, and more than half of the world's new installed capacity has been added throughout the year.

-- Strong and effective protection for people's livelihood. The per capita disposable income of residents increased by 6.1 percent, and the income gap between urban and rural residents continued to narrow. The achievements of poverty alleviation have been consolidated and expanded, and the income of rural residents in poverty alleviation areas has increased by 8.4 percent. Increase the extent of financial subsidies for compulsory education, basic pensions, basic medical care, etc., and expand the scope of assistance and guarantees. The special additional deduction standard for individual income tax for "one old and one young" has been raised, benefiting more than 66 million taxpayers. Strengthen the renovation of old urban communities and the supply of affordable housing, benefiting tens of millions of families.

Looking back on the past year, multiple difficulties and challenges have been intertwined and superimposed, and China's economy has developed in waves and zigzags, and the achievements have been hard-won. From an international point of view, the world economic recovery is sluggish, geopolitical conflicts are intensifying, protectionism and unilateralism are on the rise, and the adverse impact of the external environment on China's development continues to increase. From a domestic point of view, after three years of the impact of the new crown epidemic, there are many problems in the recovery and development of the economy itself, and the deep-seated contradictions accumulated for a long time have accelerated, and many new situations and new problems have followed. The decline in external demand and the lack of domestic demand have collided, cyclical and structural problems coexist, and the risks and hidden dangers of real estate, local debt, and small and medium-sized financial institutions in some places have become prominent, and some areas have suffered from serious natural disasters such as floods, typhoons, and earthquakes. Under such circumstances, the dilemmas faced by policy choices and work progress have increased significantly. Through the joint efforts of the whole country, not only the expected development goals for the whole year have been achieved, but also positive changes have occurred in many aspects. In particular, we have deepened our understanding of the laws governing economic work in the new era and accumulated valuable experience in overcoming major difficulties. Practice has fully shown that under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, the Chinese people have the courage, wisdom and ability to overcome any difficulties and obstacles, and China's development will surely break through the waves and the future can be expected!

Over the past year, we have thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Second Plenary Session of the 20th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and have done the following work in accordance with the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee.

First, it is necessary to intensify macroeconomic regulation and control to promote the sustained improvement of economic operation. In view of the severe challenges and the characteristics of the post-epidemic economic recovery, we have coordinated to stabilize growth and increase stamina, highlighted the consolidation of the foundation and the cultivation of the yuan, paid attention to precise policies, grasped the timing, degree and effectiveness of macroeconomic regulation and control, strengthened counter-cyclical adjustment, refrained from "flood irrigation" and short-term strong stimulus, and made more efforts to promote high-quality development. Focusing on expanding domestic demand, optimizing the structure, boosting confidence, and preventing and defusing risks, we will continue to optimize a number of phased policies, launch a number of new policies in a timely manner, and play a strong and effective policy combination. Fiscal policies have been strengthened to improve efficiency, strengthen expenditure guarantees in key areas, add more than 2.2 trillion yuan in tax incentives throughout the year, and issue an additional 1 trillion yuan of treasury bonds to support post-disaster recovery and reconstruction, and enhance disaster prevention, mitigation and relief capabilities. The monetary policy was precise and powerful, with two cuts in the reserve requirement ratio and two cuts in the policy interest rate, and significant growth in loans for scientific and technological innovation, advanced manufacturing, inclusive small and micro enterprises, and green development. Policies to support consumption of automobiles, home furnishings, electronic products, and tourism have been introduced, bulk consumption has rebounded steadily, and consumption of living services has accelerated its recovery. We have given full play to the role of government investment in leveraging, formulated policies to promote private investment, and increased investment in energy, water conservancy and other infrastructure and manufacturing industries. According to the city's policies, we will optimize the regulation and control of real estate, promote the reduction of housing loan costs, and actively promote the work of ensuring the delivery of buildings. We have formulated and implemented a package plan for resolving local debts, and handled financial risks in a classified manner, so as to maintain the bottom line of preventing systemic risks.

The second is to rely on innovation to lead industrial upgrading and enhance the new momentum of urban and rural regional development. Strengthen the national strategic scientific and technological forces, and speed up the implementation of major scientific and technological projects. Comprehensively deploy and promote new industrialization. Measures to stabilize the operation of the industrial economy and support the advanced manufacturing industry have been introduced, the proportion of R&D expenses deducted by enterprises in key industries has been increased, and the high-quality development of key industrial chains has been promoted, and the profits of industrial enterprises have turned from falling to rising. The development of the digital economy has accelerated, and the penetration rate of 5G users has exceeded 50%. We will further implement the new urbanization strategy, further relax the conditions for urban settlement, enhance the comprehensive carrying capacity of county seats, and increase the urbanization rate of permanent residents to 66.2%. Strengthen agricultural development support policies, vigorously carry out disaster resistance and harvest harvest, implement a new round of 100 billion catties of grain production capacity improvement actions, and make solid progress in rural revitalization. We have improved the system and mechanism for coordinated regional development, launched a number of new measures and implemented a number of major projects in the implementation of major regional strategies, and continuously enhanced the coordination and balance of regional development.

The third is to deepen reform and expand opening up, and continue to improve the business environment. We have issued an overall work plan for building a unified national market and cleaned up a number of policies and regulations that hinder fair competition. Policies to support the development of state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises have been introduced, a normalized communication and exchange mechanism between government and enterprises has been established, a special action has been carried out to clean up the accounts of enterprises in arrears, and the rectification of illegal fees has been strengthened. Deepen reforms in the fields of finance, taxation and finance, agriculture and rural areas, and ecological and environmental protection. Promote the stable scale and optimal structure of foreign trade, and the export of electric vehicles, lithium batteries, and photovoltaic products increased by nearly 30%. Improve policies to attract foreign investment and expand institutional opening-up. Solid progress has been made in the high-quality development of the Belt and Road Initiative, and trade and investment with the countries have grown rapidly.

Fourth, strengthen the governance of ecological and environmental protection and accelerate the green transformation of development mode. We will further promote the construction of a beautiful China. Continue to fight the battle of blue sky, clear water and pure land. Accelerate the implementation of major projects for the protection and restoration of important ecosystems. Do a good job in the comprehensive prevention and control of soil erosion and desertification. Strengthen ecological and environmental protection inspections. Formulate policies to support the development of green and low-carbon industries. Promote the transformation of ultra-low emissions in key industries. The construction of the first batch of pilot cities and parks for carbon peaking will be launched. Actively participate in and promote global climate governance.

Fifth, we should strive to ensure people's livelihood and promote the development of social undertakings. Focus on the concerns of the masses and do a good job in people's livelihood. Attaching great importance to stabilizing employment, we have introduced policies to support enterprises to stabilize and expand their jobs, strengthened employment promotion services for key groups such as college graduates, and lifted more than 33 million people out of poverty. We have strengthened the construction of weak links in compulsory education, done a good job in the "double reduction" work, and the national student loan has been raised and the interest rate has been lowered to benefit more than 11 million students. Implement the measures of "Category B and B Management" for new coronavirus infection, and do a solid job in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases such as influenza and mycoplasma pneumonia. Implement the overall planning of general outpatient clinics of employee medical insurance. Strengthen the construction of comprehensive community service facilities, and vigorously develop meal assistance services for the elderly. Raise the standard of preferential care. Strengthen the protection of people in need. Effectively respond to the catastrophic flood disasters in the Haihe River and other river basins, do a good job in rescue and rescue such as the Jishishan earthquake in Gansu, and strengthen post-disaster recovery and reconstruction. Promote the development of cultural inheritance and fully recover the tourism market. Mass sports have been vigorously carried out, and the Chengdu Universiade, Hangzhou Asian Games and Asian Para Games have been successfully held, and China's athletes have made great achievements.

Sixth, comprehensively strengthen government construction and vigorously improve governance efficiency. Firmly uphold the authority and centralized and unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, and be an executor, actioner, and doer who implements the decisions and deployments of the CPC Central Committee. Carry out in-depth education on the theme of studying and implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Persist in putting political construction in the first place, and comprehensively improve the government's ability to perform its duties. Deeply advance the establishment of a rule of law government. The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress was submitted to deliberate 10 legal bills, formulated and revised 25 administrative regulations, and implemented a three-year action to improve the quality of administrative law enforcement. Conscientiously accept supervision in accordance with the law. Conscientiously handle the proposals of the NPC deputies and the proposals of the CPPCC members. We should pay attention to investigation and study, and strive to make our policies and work conform to reality and be close to the masses. Optimize the supervision work mechanism. Strengthen the building of a clean and honest government and the struggle against corruption. Strictly implement the spirit of the eight provisions of the central government, continue to rectify the "four winds", and vigorously promote the inspection and rectification of financial units and state-owned enterprises. Innovate and improve urban and rural grassroots governance. Do a solid job in the work of letters and visits. Pay close attention to production safety and emergency management, and carry out special investigation and rectification of major accidents and hidden dangers. Promote the improvement of the national security system. We have strengthened the comprehensive management of social security, effectively cracked down on illegal and criminal activities such as telecommunications and network fraud, and made new progress in building a safe China.

Over the past year, major-country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics has been advancing in an all-round way. President Xi Jinping and other party and state leaders have visited many countries and attended major multilateral and bilateral activities such as the BRICS Summit, the APEC Economic Leaders' Informal Meeting, and the East Asia Cooperation Leaders' Meeting. It has successfully held major diplomatic activities such as the China-Central Asia Summit and the 3rd Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. We will promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind, implement the Global Development Initiative, the Global Security Initiative and the Global Civilization Initiative, deepen and expand global partnerships, and play a positive and constructive role in resolving international and regional hotspot issues. China has made important contributions to promoting world peace and development.

Dear Representatives!

The achievements made in the past year are fundamentally due to the leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the scientific guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, and the unity and struggle of the whole party, the whole army and the people of all ethnic groups in the country. On behalf of the State Council, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the people of all nationalities throughout the country, to the democratic parties, to the people's organizations, and to people from all walks of life! to the compatriots in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Macao Special Administrative Region, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese! and to the governments, international organizations, and friends of all countries who care about and support China's modernization.

While affirming the achievements, we are also soberly aware of the difficulties and challenges we are facing. The momentum of world economic growth is insufficient, regional hotspot issues are frequent, and the complexity, severity and uncertainty of the external environment are rising. The foundation for China's sustained economic recovery is not solid, the effective demand is insufficient, some industries have overcapacity, social expectations are weak, there are still many risks and hidden dangers, there are blockages in the domestic cycle, and there are interferences in the international cycle. Some small and medium-sized enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households have difficulties in operation. The pressure on total employment and structural contradictions coexist, and there are still many shortcomings in public services. In some localities, the financial resources at the grassroots level are rather tight. The ability to innovate in science and technology is not strong. There are still many hard bones to gnaw on in the reform of key areas. There is a long way to go in the protection of the ecological environment. The weak link of safety production cannot be ignored. There are deficiencies in government work, formalism and bureaucracy are still quite prominent, and some reform and development measures are not in place. Some cadres lack the spirit of taking responsibility and doing practical work, passively avoid responsibility, and make superficial statements. Corruption is still a problem in some areas. We must face up to the problems and challenges, do our best to do a good job, and never let down the expectations and trust of the people!

2. Overall requirements and policy orientations for economic and social development in 2024

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and a crucial year for achieving the goals and tasks of the 14th Five-Year Plan. To do a good job in government work, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Second Plenary Session of the 20th Central Committee, and adhere to the general tone of the work of seeking progress while maintaining stability in accordance with the deployment of the Central Economic Work Conference. Fully implement the new development concept, accelerate the construction of a new development pattern, focus on promoting high-quality development, comprehensively deepen reform and opening up, promote high-level scientific and technological self-reliance and self-reliance, increase macroeconomic regulation and control, coordinate the expansion of domestic demand and deepen supply-side structural reform, coordinate the comprehensive revitalization of new urbanization and rural areas, coordinate high-quality development and high-level security, and effectively enhance economic vitality, prevent and resolve risks, We will improve social expectations, consolidate and strengthen the positive trend of economic recovery, continue to promote the effective improvement of the quality and reasonable growth of the economy, improve people's livelihood and well-being, maintain social stability, and comprehensively promote the construction of a strong country and the great cause of national rejuvenation with Chinese-style modernization.

Comprehensive analysis and judgment show that the environment facing China's development this year is still the coexistence of strategic opportunities and risks and challenges, and the favorable conditions are stronger than the unfavorable factors. China has significant institutional advantages, the demand advantage of the super-large-scale market, the supply advantage of a complete industrial system, the talent advantage of a large number of high-quality workers, the ability of scientific and technological innovation is continuously improving, the growth of new industries, new models and new kinetic energy is accelerating, the endogenous driving force of development is accumulating, and the basic trend of economic recovery and long-term improvement has not changed and will not change, and confidence and confidence must be enhanced. At the same time, we must adhere to the bottom-line thinking and be fully prepared to deal with various risks and challenges. As long as we implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, firmly seize the favorable opportunity, make good use of the favorable conditions, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all aspects of entrepreneurship, we will certainly be able to overcome difficulties and challenges, and promote sustained economic improvement and steady and far-reaching development.

The main expected targets for this year's development are: GDP growth of about 5 percent; more than 12 million new jobs in urban areas, and a surveyed urban unemployment rate of about 5.5 percent; consumer price growth of about 3 percent; simultaneous growth of residents' income and economic growth; maintaining a basic balance in the balance of payments; grain output of more than 1.3 trillion catties; energy consumption per unit of GDP reduced by about 2.5 percent; and the quality of the ecological environment continued to improve.

The above-mentioned expected goals are put forward, taking into account the domestic and international situation and various factors, and taking into account the needs and possibilities. The expected target for economic growth is about 5%, which takes into account the needs of promoting employment and income, preventing and resolving risks, and is in line with the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the goal of basically realizing modernization, and also considers the potential and supporting conditions for economic growth, reflecting the requirements of being proactive and promising. Achieving this year's expected goals will not be easy, and it will require policy focus, redoubled efforts, and concerted efforts from all sides.

We must persist in seeking progress while maintaining stability, promoting stability through progress, and establishing first and then breaking down. Stability is the overall situation and foundation, and all regions and departments should come up with more policies that are conducive to stabilizing expectations, growth, and employment, prudently introduce contractionary and repressive measures, and clean up and abolish policies and regulations that are contrary to high-quality development. Progress is the direction and driving force, should be established to take the initiative to stand up, should be broken on the basis of the resolute break, especially in the way of change, adjust the structure, improve quality, increase efficiency in the positive and enterprising. We will strengthen counter-cyclical and cross-cyclical macroeconomic adjustments, continue to implement a proactive fiscal policy and a prudent monetary policy, and strengthen the innovation and coordination of policy tools.

The proactive fiscal policy should be moderately strengthened to improve quality and efficiency. Comprehensively consider development needs and fiscal sustainability, make good use of fiscal policy space, and optimize the mix of policy tools. The deficit rate is planned to be arranged at 3 percent, and the deficit scale is 4.06 trillion yuan, an increase of 180 billion yuan over the budget at the beginning of last year. It is expected that fiscal revenue will continue to resume growth this year, and with the transfer of funds, the scale of general public budget expenditure will be 28.5 trillion yuan, an increase of 1.1 trillion yuan over the previous year. It is planned to arrange 3.9 trillion yuan of local government special bonds, an increase of 100 billion yuan over the previous year. In order to systematically solve the problem of funding for the construction of some major projects in the process of building a strong country and national rejuvenation, it is planned to issue ultra-long-term special treasury bonds for several consecutive years starting this year, which will be specially used for the implementation of major national strategies and security capacity building in key areas, and 1 trillion yuan will be issued this year. At present, it is necessary to increase financial input in many aspects, vigorously optimize the expenditure structure, strengthen the major national strategic tasks and basic financial guarantees for people's livelihood, and strictly control general expenditures. The central government should increase the intensity of balanced transfer payments to local governments and appropriately tilt towards difficult areas, and the provincial government should promote the sinking of financial resources and strengthen the bottom line of the "three guarantees" at the grassroots level. Implement structural tax and fee reduction policies, and focus on supporting scientific and technological innovation and the development of manufacturing industry. We should strictly enforce financial and economic discipline, strengthen financial and accounting supervision, strictly prohibit face-saving projects and image projects, and resolutely stop extravagance and waste. Governments at all levels must get used to living a tight life, really make careful calculations, and earnestly use their financial funds to the best of their ability and achieve real results.

A prudent monetary policy should be flexible, moderate, precise and effective. Liquidity should be kept reasonably abundant, and the scale of social financing and money supply should be commensurate with the expected targets of economic growth and price levels. Strengthen the dual adjustment of aggregate volume and structure, revitalize stocks, improve efficiency, and increase support for major strategies, key areas and weak links. Promote the steady and moderate decline of comprehensive social financing costs. Smooth the monetary policy transmission mechanism to avoid the idling of capital precipitation. Enhance the intrinsic stability of the capital market. Maintain the basic stability of the RMB exchange rate at a reasonable and balanced level. Vigorously develop science and technology finance, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance, and digital finance. Optimize supporting measures such as financing credit enhancement, risk sharing, and information sharing, to better meet the financing needs of small, medium and micro enterprises.

Enhance the consistency of macroeconomic policy orientation. Focusing on the overall development situation, strengthen the coordination and cooperation of fiscal, monetary, employment, industrial, regional, science and technology, environmental protection and other policies, incorporate non-economic policies into the consistency assessment of macro policy orientation, strengthen policy coordination, and ensure that efforts are made in the same direction and form a joint force. All regions and departments should carefully listen to and absorb the opinions of all parties in formulating policies, and enterprise-related policies should focus on communicating with the market and responding to the concerns of enterprises. The implementation of policies should strengthen coordination and linkage, amplify the combination effect, and prevent one from neglecting the other and hindering each other. The research reserve policy should be more forward-looking, enrich the toolbox, and leave redundancy to ensure that it can be rolled out in a timely manner and effectively when needed. Strengthen the tracking and evaluation of policy implementation, take the satisfaction of enterprises and the masses as an important yardstick, and make timely adjustments and improvements. Accurately do a good job in policy publicity and interpretation, and create a stable, transparent and predictable policy environment.

To accomplish this year's development goals and tasks, we must thoroughly implement Xi Jinping's economic thought and focus on promoting high-quality development. Strengthen the concept of systems, grasp and handle major relationships, and plan and promote all work in depth as a whole. Adhere to quality first, efficiency first, continue to consolidate the foundation, enhance the effectiveness of macroeconomic regulation and control, pay attention to the expectations of enterprises and the masses to find the focus of work, policy force, and strive to achieve the annual growth target. Adhere to high-quality development and high-level safety and benign interaction, and on the premise of sticking to the bottom line of safety, think more for development and help enterprises. Persist in ensuring and improving people's livelihood in the process of development, pay attention to the problem of making up for the shortcomings of people's livelihood with a development mindset, and cultivate new economic growth points while solving the people's urgency, hardship and hope. Fundamentally speaking, promoting high-quality development depends on reform. We need to deepen reform and opening up with greater determination and intensity, promote a better combination of an effective market and a promising government, continue to stimulate and enhance social vitality, and promote high-quality development to achieve new and greater results.

3. Government tasks in 2024

The CPC Central Committee has made comprehensive arrangements for this year's work, and we must thoroughly implement them, firmly grasp the main contradictions, strive to break through bottlenecks and constraints, and do a solid job in all aspects of work.

(1) Vigorously promote the construction of a modern industrial system and accelerate the development of new quality productive forces. Give full play to the leading role of innovation, promote industrial innovation with scientific and technological innovation, accelerate new industrialization, improve total factor productivity, constantly shape new momentum and new advantages for development, and promote social productivity to achieve a new leap.

Promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial and supply chains. Keep the industrial economy running smoothly. Implement high-quality development actions for key industrial chains in the manufacturing industry, focus on making up for shortcomings, lengthening long boards, and forging new boards, so as to enhance the resilience and competitiveness of the industrial chain and supply chain. Implement the technological transformation and upgrading project of the manufacturing industry, cultivate and expand advanced manufacturing clusters, create a national new industrialization demonstration zone, and promote the high-end, intelligent and green transformation of traditional industries. Speed up the development of modern producer services. Promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Carry forward the spirit of craftsmen. Strengthen standard guidance and quality support, and create more "Made in China" brands with international influence.

  Actively cultivate emerging industries and future industries. We will implement industrial innovation projects, improve industrial ecology, expand application scenarios, and promote the integration and cluster development of strategic emerging industries. Consolidate and expand the leading edge of industries such as intelligent network-connected new energy vehicles, accelerate the development of cutting-edge emerging hydrogen energy, new materials, innovative drugs and other industries, and actively build new growth engines such as bio-manufacturing, commercial spaceflight and low-altitude economy. It will formulate development plans for future industries, open up new tracks such as quantum technology and life sciences, and create a number of pilot zones for future industries. Encourage the development of venture capital and equity investment, and optimize the functions of industrial investment funds. Strengthen the integrated layout of key industries and investment guidance to prevent overcapacity and low-level repeated construction.

  Deeply promote the innovative development of digital economy. Formulate policies to support the high-quality development of the digital economy, actively promote digital industrialization and industrial digitization, and promote the deep integration of digital technology and the real economy. Deepen the research and development application of big data and artificial intelligence, carry out the “artificial intelligence +” action, and create internationally competitive digital industry clusters. It will implement digital transformation actions for the manufacturing industry, accelerate the application of industrial Internet on a large scale, promote the digitization of the service industry, and build smart cities and digital villages. Deepen the special action of digitization and empowerment of small and medium-sized enterprises. Support platform enterprises to make their mark in promoting innovation, increasing employment and international competition. Improve the data foundation system and vigorously promote the development, opening and circulation of data. We will build digital infrastructure moderately ahead of schedule, accelerate the formation of a national integrated arithmetic system, and cultivate the arithmetic industry ecology. We want to empower economic development, enrich people's lives, and enhance the modernization of social governance with extensive and profound digital changes.

  (II) Deeply implement the strategy of developing the country through science and education, and strengthen the basic support for high-quality development. Adhere to the integrated and coordinated promotion of the construction of a strong education, science and technology, and human resources, the deployment and implementation of the innovation chain and the capital chain and the human resources chain as a whole, and deepen the comprehensive reform of education, science and technology and human resources, so as to provide a strong impetus for modernization.

  Strengthen the construction of a high-quality education system. Fully implement the Party's education policy, and insist on high-quality development as the lifeline for all levels and types of education. It will formulate and implement an outline plan for the construction of a strong educational state. It will implement the fundamental task of establishing a moral character and promote the integration of ideological and political education in primary and secondary schools and colleges. It has carried out actions to expand the quality of basic education, accelerated the quality and balanced development of compulsory education and the integration of urban and rural areas, improved the conditions of rural boarding schools, continued to deepen the “double-decrease” program, pushed forward the development of pre-school education in an inclusive manner, and strengthened the construction of ordinary high schools in county areas. Reduce the non-teaching burden on primary and secondary school teachers. We will do a good job in special education and continuing education, guide and standardize the development of private education, and vigorously improve the quality of vocational education. It will implement comprehensive reform pilots for higher education, optimize the structural layout of disciplines, majors and resources, accelerate the construction of world-class universities with Chinese characteristics and superior disciplines, build strong applied undergraduate colleges and universities, and enhance the strength of colleges and universities in central and western regions. Strengthen students' mental health education. Vigorously develop digital education. Carry forward the spirit of educators and build a high-quality and specialized teaching force. We should adhere to the priority development of education and accelerate the modernization of education, so as to cultivate the basis of people's happiness and strengthen the foundation of the country's wealth and strength.

  Accelerate the promotion of high-level scientific and technological self-reliance. We will give full play to the advantages of the new state-run system and comprehensively enhance our capability of independent innovation. Strengthen the systematic layout of basic research, provide long-term and stable support for a number of innovation bases, advantageous teams and key directions, and enhance the capacity for original innovation. Aiming at the major strategic needs of the country and the needs of industrial development, a number of major scientific and technological projects will be deployed and implemented. It will integrate national strategic scientific and technological forces and social innovation resources, promote collaborative research on key core technologies, and strengthen research on subversive and frontier technologies. It will improve the operation and management mechanism of national laboratories, and give play to the radiation-driven role of international and regional scientific and technological innovation centers. It will accelerate the systematic layout of major scientific and technological infrastructures, and promote the construction of common technology platforms and testing and certification platforms. Strengthen the status of enterprises as the main body of scientific and technological innovation, incentivize enterprises to increase investment in innovation, deepen the combination of industry, academia, research and application, and support enterprises with strength to lead major research tasks. Strengthen the R&D and application of science and technology for people's livelihoods, such as health, elderly care, and assistance to the disabled. We will accelerate the formation of a basic system to support comprehensive innovation, deepen the reform of scientific and technological evaluation, scientific and technological awards, scientific research projects and fund management system, and improve the mechanism of “revealing the list of commanders”. We will strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and formulate policies and initiatives to promote the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements. Widely carry out science popularization. Cultivate a culture of innovation, promote the spirit of scientists, and cultivate an excellent academic style. Expand international scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation, and create a globally competitive open innovation ecology.

  Cultivate and utilize talents in an all-round way. Implement more active, more open and more effective talent policies. Promote the construction of high-level talent highlands and platforms for attracting and gathering talents, and promote the rational distribution and coordinated development of talent regions. Accelerate the construction of national strategic talent force, strive to cultivate more first-class scientific and technological leaders and innovation teams, improve the mechanism of discovering and cultivating top-notch innovative talents, build a platform for cultivating talents in basic research, create a team of outstanding engineers and high-skilled talents, and increase the support for young scientific and technological talents. Actively promote international exchanges of talents. We will accelerate the establishment of a talent evaluation system oriented to innovation value, ability and contribution, and optimize the system of work-life protection and commendation and reward. We will make continuous efforts to improve the environment for the development of talents, so as to create a favorable situation in which people can make the best use of their talents and display their abilities.

  (iii) Focus on expanding domestic demand and pushing the economy to realize a virtuous cycle. Organically combine the implementation of the strategy of expanding domestic demand with the deepening of supply-side structural reform, better coordinate consumption and investment, and enhance the pulling effect on economic growth.

  Promote stable growth in consumption. We will implement comprehensive measures to increase income, optimize supply and reduce restrictive measures to stimulate consumption potential. Cultivate and grow new types of consumption, implement policies to promote digital consumption, green consumption and healthy consumption, and actively cultivate new consumption growth points such as smart homes, recreation and tourism, sports events and “trendy” national products. Stabilizing and expanding traditional consumption, encouraging and promoting the replacement of old consumer goods with new ones, and boosting bulk consumption of smart grid-connected new-energy vehicles and electronic products. We will promote the expansion and quality of services for the elderly, childcare and domestic helpers, and support social forces in providing community services. It will optimize the consumer environment, carry out the “Year of Consumption Promotion” campaign, implement the “Safe Consumption Campaign”, strengthen the protection of consumer rights and interests, and implement a paid leave system. We will also implement a standard improvement program, accelerate the construction of a standard system that meets the requirements of high-quality development, and promote continuous improvement in the quality of goods and services to better meet the needs of the people for a better life.

  Actively expanding effective investment. Give full play to the driving and amplifying effect of government investment, focusing on supporting scientific and technological innovation, new infrastructure, energy conservation, emission reduction and carbon reduction, strengthening people's livelihoods and other economic and social weaknesses to make up for the shortcomings, promoting the construction of flood prevention, drainage and disaster-resistant infrastructure, promoting the renewal of various types of production equipment and service equipment and technological transformation, and accelerating the implementation of major projects under the “14th Five-Year Plan”. Engineering projects. This year, the central budget investment to be arranged 700 billion yuan. Rationally expanding the areas of local government special bonds and the scope of capitalization, and tilting the allocation of quota to areas with adequate project preparation and high investment efficiency. We will make good use of all kinds of funds to prevent inefficient and ineffective investment. Deepen the reform of the investment approval system. Efforts will be made to stabilize and expand private investment, implement and improve support policies, implement a new mechanism for cooperation between the government and social capital, and encourage private capital to participate in the construction of major projects. We will further dismantle all kinds of barriers, and allow private investment to enter, develop, and act in more areas.

  (d) Unswervingly deepen reforms and enhance the endogenous momentum of development. We will push forward reforms in key areas and key links, give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, give better play to the role of the government, create a first-rate business environment that is market-oriented, rule of law-oriented and internationalized, and push forward the construction of a high-level socialist market economic system.

Stimulate the vitality of various business entities. State-owned enterprises, private enterprises, and foreign-funded enterprises are all important forces in modernization. It is necessary to continuously improve and implement the "two unswerving" systems and mechanisms, and create a good environment for fair competition and competitive development for enterprises of all types of ownership. Improve the modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics and build more world-class enterprises. We will further implement the deepening and upgrading of the reform of state-owned enterprises, strengthen and optimize the main business, enhance core functions and improve core competitiveness. Establish a system of guidelines for optimizing the layout and structural adjustment of the state-owned economy. Comprehensively implement the opinions and supporting measures to promote the development and growth of the private economy, and further solve outstanding problems in market access, access to factors, fair law enforcement, and protection of rights and interests. Increase the proportion of loans to private enterprises, expand the scale of bond financing, and strengthen support for individual industrial and commercial households. Implement actions to reduce logistics costs, improve the long-term mechanism for preventing and resolving arrears of enterprises, and resolutely investigate and deal with arbitrary charges, fines, and apportionments. Carry forward the spirit of excellent entrepreneurship, and actively support entrepreneurs to focus on innovation and development, dare to dare to invest, and run enterprises in a down-to-earth manner.

Speed up the construction of a unified national market. Formulate national unified market construction standards and guidelines. Efforts should be made to promote the unification of systems and rules in areas such as property rights protection, market access, fair competition, and social credit. Deepen the pilot of comprehensive reform of market-oriented allocation of factors. Introduce administrative regulations on fair competition review, and improve regulatory rules for key areas, emerging fields, and foreign-related fields. Special measures will be made to address outstanding problems such as local protection, market segmentation, and unfair competition in attracting investment, and strengthen the regulation and management of the bidding market. Adhere to supervision in accordance with the law, strictly implement regulatory responsibilities, improve the accuracy and effectiveness of supervision, and resolutely maintain the market order of fair competition.

Promote reforms in the fields of finance, taxation and finance. Build a high-level socialist market economy system reform pilot zone. Plan for a new round of fiscal and taxation system reform, implement the reform and deployment of the financial system, and increase fiscal, tax and financial support for high-quality development. Deepen the reform of electric power, oil and gas, railways and comprehensive transportation systems, and improve the regulatory system and mechanism of natural monopolies. Deepen reforms in areas of social and people's livelihood, such as income distribution, social security, medicine and health, and pension services.

(5) Expand high-level opening-up and promote mutual benefit and win-win results. We will take the initiative to align with high-standard international economic and trade rules, steadily expand institutional opening-up, enhance the linkage effect of domestic and international markets and resources, consolidate the fundamentals of foreign trade and foreign investment, and cultivate new advantages in international economic cooperation and competition.

Promote the quality and quantity of foreign trade to be stable. Strengthen support for import and export credit and export credit insurance, optimize cross-border settlement, exchange rate risk management and other services, and support enterprises to explore diversified markets. Promote the healthy development of new business formats such as cross-border e-commerce, optimize the layout of overseas warehouses, support the upgrading of processing trade, and expand new growth points such as intermediate goods trade and green trade. Actively expand the import of high-quality products. Improve border trade support policies. Fully implement the negative list for cross-border trade in services. Policies for the innovative development of trade in services and digital trade have been introduced. Accelerate the integrated development of domestic and foreign trade. We will do a good job in organizing major exhibitions such as the China International Import Expo, the Canton Fair, the Trade in Services Fair, the Digital Trade Fair, and the Consumer Expo. Accelerate the construction of the international logistics system, build smart customs, and help foreign trade enterprises reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Intensify efforts to attract foreign investment. We will continue to reduce the negative list for foreign investment access, fully remove the restrictions on foreign investment access in the manufacturing sector, and relax market access for service industries such as telecommunications and medical care. Expand the catalogue of industries that encourage foreign investment, and encourage foreign-funded enterprises to reinvest in China. Implement the national treatment of foreign-funded enterprises, ensure equal participation in government procurement, bidding and bidding, and the formulation of standards in accordance with the law, and promote the resolution of issues such as cross-border data flows. Strengthen the service guarantee for foreign investment and build the brand of "Invest in China". Improve the convenience of foreigners to work, study and travel in China, and optimize payment services. We will further implement the strategy of upgrading the pilot free trade zone, give more autonomy to the pilot free trade zone and the Hainan Free Trade Port, promote the reform and innovation of the development zone, and create a new highland for opening up.

Promote high-quality Belt and Road cooperation. We should do a good job in supporting the implementation of the eight actions of high-quality Belt and Road cooperation. We will steadily promote cooperation on major projects, implement a number of "small but beautiful" livelihood projects, and actively promote cooperation in digital, green, innovation, health, cultural tourism, poverty alleviation and other fields. Speed up the construction of a new land-sea corridor in the western region.

Deepen multilateral, bilateral, and regional economic cooperation. Promote the implementation of free trade agreements that have come into force, and negotiate and sign high-standard free trade agreements and investment agreements with more countries and regions. China will advance the negotiations on the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (CAFTA) 3.0, and promote accession to the Digital Economy Partnership Agreement and the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership. China will fully and deeply participate in the reform of the WTO, promote the building of an open world economy, and bring more win-win results of cooperation to the people of all countries.

(6) Better coordinate development and security, and effectively prevent and resolve risks in key areas. Adhere to high-quality development to promote high-level security, ensure high-quality development with high-level security, treat both the symptoms and the root causes, resolve risks such as real estate, local debt, and small and medium-sized financial institutions, and maintain overall economic and financial stability.

Handle risks and hidden dangers in a prudent and orderly manner. Improve the overall coordination mechanism for the handling of major risks, consolidate the main responsibilities of enterprises, departmental supervision, and local territories, improve the efficiency of disposal, and firmly maintain the bottom line of no systemic risks. Optimize real estate policies, and provide equal support to the reasonable financing needs of real estate enterprises under different ownership systems, so as to promote the steady and healthy development of the real estate market. Coordinate the resolution and stable development of local debt risks, further implement the package of debt reduction plans, properly resolve the risks of existing debts, and strictly prevent the risks of new debts. Steadily promote the risk management of small and medium-sized financial institutions in some places. Crack down on illegal financial activities.

Improve long-term risk prevention and control mechanisms. Adapt to the development trend of new urbanization and the changes in the supply and demand relationship of the real estate market, and accelerate the construction of a new model of real estate development. Increase the construction and supply of affordable housing, improve the basic system related to commercial housing, and meet the needs of residents for rigid housing and diversified and improved housing. Establish a government debt management mechanism that is compatible with high-quality development, improve the full-caliber local debt monitoring and supervision system, and promote the transformation of local financing platforms by category. Improve the financial supervision system and improve the ability to prevent and control financial risks.

Strengthen security capacity building in key areas. Improve the grain production, storage, and processing system, and consolidate the foundation of food security in all aspects. Promote the construction of the national water network. Strengthen the security of energy resources, and increase the exploration and development of oil and gas and strategic mineral resources. Accelerate the construction of a large country reserve system and strengthen the construction of key reserve facilities. Improve network and data security capabilities. Effectively maintain the safety and stability of the industrial chain and supply chain, and support the smooth circulation of the national economy.

(7) Make unremitting efforts to do a good job in the "three rural" work and solidly promote the comprehensive revitalization of the countryside. Anchoring the goal of building an agricultural power, we will learn and apply the experience of the project of "Demonstration of Thousand Villages and Renovation of Ten Thousand Villages", implement policies according to local conditions and classification, and make progress in an orderly and long-term manner, so as to promote the comprehensive revitalization of rural areas and continue to make substantial progress and phased results.

We should strengthen the stable production and supply of grain and important agricultural products. Stabilize the sown area of grain, consolidate the results of soybean expansion, and promote a large-scale increase in yields. We should appropriately raise the minimum purchase price of wheat, implement the production cost and income insurance policies for the three major staple grains throughout the country, and improve the income guarantee mechanism for grain farmers. Increase the support for large grain-producing counties and improve the compensation mechanism for the interests of the main producing areas. We should expand oil production, stabilize the production capacity of animal husbandry and fishery, and develop modern facility agriculture. Support the development of water-saving agriculture and dryland farming. Strengthen the prevention and control of pests, diseases and animal diseases. Intensify the revitalization of the seed industry and the key core technologies of agriculture, and implement the action of making up for the shortcomings of agricultural machinery and equipment. Strictly abide by the red line of cultivated land, improve the system of balancing farmland occupation and compensation, strengthen the protection of black soil and the comprehensive management of saline-alkali land, and increase the level of investment subsidies for high-standard farmland construction. All localities should shoulder the responsibility of ensuring national food security. As a populous country like ours, we must practice the concept of big agriculture and big food, and always hold the rice bowl firmly in our own hands.

We will not relax our efforts to consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation. Strengthen monitoring and assistance to prevent a return to poverty to ensure that a large-scale return to poverty does not occur. Support the development of characteristic and advantageous industries in poverty alleviation areas, promote actions to prevent people from returning to poverty and employment, and strengthen follow-up assistance for relocation. Deepen east-west cooperation and fixed-point assistance. We will increase support for key counties in rural revitalization, establish and improve the normalized assistance mechanism for low-income rural populations and underdeveloped areas, and make poverty alleviation more stable and more sustainable.

Steadily promote rural reform and development. Deepen the reform of the rural land system, and launch a pilot project to extend the second round of land contracts for another 30 years after expiration. Deepen the reform of collective property rights, collective forest rights, agricultural reclamation, supply and marketing cooperatives, and promote the development of a new type of rural collective economy. It is necessary to focus on increasing farmers' incomes, strengthening rural industries to enrich the people, developing new agricultural business entities and socialized services, and cultivating and making good use of rural talents. Prosper and develop rural culture, and continue to promote the change of customs in rural areas. We will further implement rural construction actions, vigorously improve infrastructure and public services such as rural water, electricity, gas and telecommunications, strengthen the construction of charging piles, cold chain logistics, and delivery and distribution facilities, increase the seismic transformation of rural houses, continue to improve the rural living environment, and build livable, workable and beautiful villages.

(8) Promote urban-rural integration and coordinated regional development, and vigorously optimize the economic layout. We will thoroughly implement the strategy of coordinated regional development, major regional strategies, and main functional areas, organically combine the promotion of new urbanization with the comprehensive revitalization of rural areas, and accelerate the construction of a regional economic pattern with complementary advantages and high-quality development.

Actively promote a new type of urbanization. There is still a lot of room for development and improvement of China's urbanization. It is necessary to thoroughly implement the new urbanization strategic actions, promote the two-way flow of various elements, and form a new pattern of urban-rural integrated development. Accelerating the urbanization of the rural migrant population should be placed in a prominent position, the reform of the household registration system should be deepened, and the policy of linking "people, land and money" should be improved, so that migrant workers who are willing to move to urban areas can settle down in cities and towns, and promote the equal enjoyment of basic urban public services by the permanent residents who have not yet settled down. Cultivate and develop the county economy, make up for the shortcomings of infrastructure and public services, and make the county an important carrier of new urbanization. Focus on relying on urban agglomerations and metropolitan areas to promote the coordinated development of large, medium and small cities. Promote the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle. Steadily implement urban renewal actions, promote the construction of "peacetime and emergency" public infrastructure and the transformation of urban villages, accelerate the improvement of underground pipe networks, promote the solution of problems such as the installation of elevators and parking in old residential areas, strengthen the construction of barrier-free environment and facilities suitable for the elderly, and build a livable, smart and resilient city. The new type of urbanization should reflect people-oriented everywhere, improve the level of refined management and service, and let the people enjoy a higher quality of life.

Improve the level of coordinated regional development. Give full play to the comparative advantages of each region, and actively integrate into and serve the construction of a new development pattern in accordance with the main function positioning. We will further implement the strategies of developing the western region, comprehensively revitalizing the northeast, accelerating the rise of the central region, and accelerating the modernization of the eastern region, and enhance the ability of the northeast and central and western regions to undertake industrial transfer. Support the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and other regions with economic development advantages to better play their role as power sources for high-quality development. Do a good job in the construction of landmark projects in Xiong'an New Area. We will continue to promote the high-quality development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and promote the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin. Support the accelerated development of old revolutionary base areas and ethnic minority areas, strengthen the construction of border areas, and make overall plans to promote the action of rejuvenating the border areas and enriching the people. Optimize the distribution of major productive forces and strengthen the construction of national strategic hinterland. Formulate an optimized implementation plan for the main functional area and improve supporting policies. Vigorously develop the marine economy and build a maritime power.

(9) Strengthen the construction of ecological civilization and promote green and low-carbon development. We will deeply practice the concept that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, and work together to promote carbon reduction, pollution reduction, green expansion and growth, so as to build a beautiful China where man and nature coexist in harmony.

Promote the comprehensive management of the ecological environment. We will thoroughly implement the action plan for continuous improvement of air quality, coordinate the management of water resources, water environment and water ecology, strengthen the prevention and control of soil pollution sources, and strengthen the control of solid waste, new pollutants and plastic pollution. Adhere to the integrated protection and systematic management of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes, grasslands and sands, and strengthen the zoning and control of the ecological environment. Organize and fight the three landmark battles of the "Three Norths" project, and promote the construction of nature reserves with national parks as the main body. Strengthen the ecological protection and management of important rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Continue to promote the 10-year fishing ban on the Yangtze River. Implement major projects for biodiversity conservation. Improve the value realization mechanism of ecological products, improve the compensation system for ecological protection, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties to protect and improve the ecological environment.

Vigorously develop a green and low-carbon economy. Promote the green transformation of industrial structure, energy structure, transportation structure, and urban and rural construction development. Implement a comprehensive conservation strategy and accelerate energy-saving and water-saving transformation in key areas. Improve fiscal, tax, financial, investment, price policies and related market-oriented mechanisms to support green development, promote the development of waste recycling industry, promote the research and development and application of advanced technologies for energy conservation and carbon reduction, and accelerate the formation of a green and low-carbon supply chain. Build a Beautiful China Pilot Zone and create a green and low-carbon development highland.

Actively and steadily promote carbon peak and carbon neutrality. Solidly carry out the "Ten Actions to Peak Carbon Emissions". Improve the ability of carbon emission statistical accounting and verification, establish a carbon footprint management system, and expand the coverage of the national carbon market. We will further promote the energy revolution, control fossil energy consumption, and accelerate the construction of a new energy system. Strengthen the construction of large-scale wind power and photovoltaic bases and transmission channels, promote the development and utilization of distributed energy, improve the power grid's ability to accept, allocate and regulate clean energy, develop new energy storage, promote the use of green electricity and international mutual recognition, and give full play to the role of coal and coal-fired power to ensure the energy demand of economic and social development.

(10) Effectively safeguard and improve people's livelihoods, and strengthen and innovate social governance. Adhere to the people-centered development philosophy, fulfill the responsibility of ensuring the basic and bottom line, take more measures to benefit the people's livelihood and warm the hearts of the people, solidly promote common prosperity, promote social harmony and stability, and continuously enhance the people's sense of gain, happiness and security.

Take multiple measures to stabilize employment and increase income. Employment is the most basic livelihood of the people. It is necessary to give priority to employment, strengthen the support of fiscal, tax, financial and other policies to stabilize employment, and increase the intensity of special policies to promote employment. Implement and improve policies such as the return of stable jobs, special loans, employment and social security subsidies, and strengthen support for enterprises in industries with large employment capacity. It is estimated that there will be more than 11.7 million college graduates this year, and it is necessary to strengthen policies and measures to promote youth employment and optimize employment and entrepreneurship guidance services. We will do a solid job in the employment placement of retired servicemen, actively promote the employment of migrant workers, and strengthen assistance for persons with employment difficulties such as the disabled. Improve the safeguard measures for flexible employment services by category, and expand the pilot project of occupational injury protection for employees in new forms of employment. Resolutely correct employment discrimination based on gender, age, education, and other factors, ensure the payment of wages to migrant workers, improve mechanisms for consultation and coordination in labor relations, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers. Adapt to the needs of talents in advanced manufacturing, modern services, elderly care and other fields, and strengthen vocational skills training. Increase the income of urban and rural residents through multiple channels, expand the size of middle-income groups, and strive to increase the income of low-income groups.

Improving the capacity of health services. Continue to do a good job in the prevention and control of key infectious diseases. The per capita financial subsidy standard for residents' medical insurance will be increased by 30 yuan. Promote the coordinated development and governance of medical insurance, medical treatment, and medicine. Promote the provincial overall planning of basic medical insurance, improve the national centralized drug procurement system, strengthen the normalized supervision of the use of medical insurance funds, and implement and improve the settlement of medical treatment in other places. Deepen the reform of public hospitals, improve medical services with patients as the center, and promote mutual recognition of examination and test results. Focus on promoting hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, guide high-quality medical resources to sink to the grassroots level, strengthen the coordination and linkage of county and rural medical services, and expand the types of drugs for chronic diseases and common diseases in primary medical and health institutions. Strengthen research, diagnosis and treatment services, and drug use guarantees for rare diseases. Accelerate the completion of shortcomings in pediatrics, geriatrics, mental health, medical care and other services, and strengthen the training of general practitioners. Promote the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, and strengthen the construction of advantageous specialties of traditional Chinese medicine. Improve the disease prevention and control system. Carry out the Healthy China Action and the Patriotic Health Campaign in depth to build a strong line of defense for the people's health.

Strengthen social security and services. Implement a national strategy to actively respond to the aging of the population. The minimum monthly standard of basic pension for urban and rural residents will be increased by 20 yuan, the basic pension for retirees will continue to be raised, and the national overall pension insurance will be improved. Implement the personal pension system throughout the country, and actively develop the third pillar of pension insurance. Do a good job in ensuring the services of retired soldiers, military families, and other recipients of preferential care. Strengthen the construction of urban and rural community pension service networks, and increase the strength of rural pension services to make up for shortcomings. Strengthen the supply of goods and services for the elderly, and vigorously develop the silver economy. Promote the establishment of a long-term care insurance system. Improve childbirth support policies, optimize the maternity leave system, improve the mechanism for reasonable sharing of labor costs for business entities, increase the supply of childcare services through multiple channels, and reduce the burden of family childbirth, parenting, and education. Do a good job of caring for and providing assistance to left-behind children and children in difficulty. Strengthen disability prevention and rehabilitation services, and improve policies for the care and care of severely disabled persons. Improve the social assistance system at different levels and categories, coordinate policies to prevent people from returning to poverty and help low-income populations, and tightly weave a safety net for ensuring people's livelihood.

Enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the people. In-depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping's cultural thought. Widely practice the core values of socialism. Develop philosophical and social sciences, press and publication, radio, film and television, literature and art, and archives. Formulate policies and measures to promote the development of cultural inheritance. We will further promote the national cultural digitalization strategy. Deepen reading activities for all. Improve comprehensive network governance, and cultivate a positive, healthy, and positive network culture. Innovate the implementation of cultural projects to benefit the people, and improve the level of free and open services of public cultural venues. Vigorously develop the cultural industry. The Fourth National Survey of Cultural Relics will be carried out to strengthen the systematic protection and rational use of cultural relics. Promote the protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage. Deepen people-to-people exchanges between China and foreign countries, and improve international communication capabilities. Intensify sports reform. Do a good job in preparing for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Build and make good use of the sports facilities around the masses, and promote the extensive development of national fitness activities.

Maintain national security and social stability. Implement the overall national security concept and strengthen the national security system and capacity building. Improve the level of public security governance and promote the transformation of the governance model to pre-prevention. Efforts should be made to consolidate the grassroots foundation of safe production and disaster prevention, mitigation and relief, and enhance risk prevention, emergency response, and support capabilities. Solidly carry out a three-year action to tackle the root cause of production safety, strengthen the investigation and rectification of risks and hidden dangers in key industries and fields, consolidate the responsibilities of all parties, and resolutely curb the occurrence of major accidents. Do a good job in preventing and responding to floods, droughts, typhoons, forest and grassland fires, geological disasters, earthquakes, etc., and strengthen meteorological services. Strict safety supervision of food, medicine, special equipment, etc. Improve the social governance system. Strengthen the service functions of urban and rural communities. Guide and support the healthy development of social organizations, humanitarian assistance, volunteer services, and public welfare and charity. Protect the legitimate rights and interests of women, children, the elderly, and the disabled. Adhere to and develop the "Fengqiao experience" in the new era, promote the prevention and resolution of contradictions and disputes, and promote the rule of law in petition work. Strengthen public legal services. Strengthen the overall prevention and control of social security, promote the normalization of anti-gang and anti-vice, crack down on all kinds of illegal and criminal activities in accordance with the law, and build a higher level of peace in China.

Dear Representatives!

The new journey and new mission have put forward new and higher requirements for the work of the government. Governments at all levels and their staff should deeply understand the decisive significance of the "two establishments", enhance the "four consciousnesses", strengthen the "four self-confidences", and achieve the "two safeguards", consciously maintain a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core in terms of ideology, politics and action, and constantly improve political judgment, political comprehension and political execution, and run the party's leadership through the whole process of all aspects of government work. It is necessary to adhere to high-quality development as the last word in the new era, take the benefit of the people as the most important political achievement, strive to build a rule of law government, an innovative government, a clean government and a service-oriented government that the people are satisfied with, and fully perform government responsibilities.

Deeply promote administration according to law. Strictly abide by the Constitution and laws. Conscientiously accept the supervision of the people's congress and its standing committee at the same level, the democratic supervision of the CPPCC, and the supervision of society and public opinion. Strengthen audit oversight. Adhere to scientific, democratic, and law-based decision-making, and formulate policies in accordance with the law, build consensus, and have a basis in law. Improve the system of open government affairs. Comprehensively advance strict, standardized, fair, and civilized law enforcement. Support trade unions, the Communist Youth League, women's federations and other mass organizations to play a better role. Carry forward the spirit of self-revolution, persevere in upright conduct, discipline and anti-corruption, and promote the building of a clean and honest government and the anti-corruption struggle in depth. Government functionaries must abide by the law and discipline, be honest and self-reliant, be diligent and responsible, and do things for the people cleanly.

  (c) Comprehensively improving administrative efficiency. Focusing on the implementation of the CPC Central Committee's decision-making and deployment, adhere to the optimization of synergy and efficiency, in-depth promotion of the transformation of government functions, and constantly improve the implementation and credibility. Adhere to the correct way of thinking and working methods, the courage to break the stereotypes and path dependence, and actively plan to use the traction, prying strong work grasp, in the implementation of the practical to do without compromise, thunder and lightning, pragmatic, dare to do a good job, to ensure that the final effect in line with the intentions of the CPC Central Committee decision-making, and respond to the expectations of the people. Consolidate and expand the results of thematic education, promote investigation and research, and implement the “four grassroots” system. Accelerate the construction of digital government. Taking the promotion of “efficiently accomplishing one thing” as a traction, improve the level of government services. We will resolutely rectify formalism and bureaucracy, further streamline documents and meetings, improve inspections and examinations, and continue to reduce the burden on the grassroots and enterprises. Implement the “three distinctions” and improve the incentive and protection mechanism for cadres to play their roles. The majority of cadres should enhance the sense of responsibility of “always assured”, and effectively transformed into “everything in the heart of the bottom” of the power of action, revitalize the spirit of entrepreneurship, and really work hard, hard work, good work and good success, and strive to create a worthy of the times and the people's new performance.

  Fellow delegates!

  We should cast a firm sense of community among the Chinese nation as the main line, adhere to and improve the system of regional ethnic autonomy, promote extensive exchanges and exchanges among all ethnic groups, and promote the acceleration of the pace of modernization and construction in ethnic areas. We will adhere to the Party's basic policy on religious work, push forward the Chineseization of China's religions, and actively guide religions to adapt to socialist society. The Party has strengthened and improved its work on overseas Chinese affairs, safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of overseas Chinese and returned overseas Chinese, and gathered the magnificent strength of Chinese people at home and abroad to work together for national rejuvenation.

  Over the past year, new achievements and progress have been made in national defense and military construction, and the People's Army has fulfilled its mission with flying colors. In the coming year, we should deeply implement Xi Jinping's thought on strengthening the military, carry out the military strategic policy for the new era, adhere to the Party's absolute leadership of the people's army, fully implement the system of presidential responsibility of the Military Commission, and fight the battle of realizing the goal of building the army for 100 years. It will comprehensively strengthen military training and preparation for war, comprehensively push forward the preparation for military struggle, carry out good combat-oriented military training, and firmly defend national sovereignty, security and development interests. It will also build a modern military governance system, improve the implementation of the 14th Five-Year Plan for military construction, and accelerate the implementation of major projects for national defense development. It will consolidate and improve the integrated national strategic system and capability, optimize the system and layout of the national defense science and technology industry, and strengthen national defense education, national defense mobilization and the construction of reserve forces. Governments at all levels should strongly support national defense and military construction, carry out in-depth “double embrace” work, and consolidate and develop military-government-military solidarity.

We must continue to comprehensively, accurately and unswervingly implement the principles of "one country, two systems", "Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong", "Macao people governing Macao", and a high degree of autonomy, adhere to the rule of law in Hong Kong and Macao, and implement the principles of "patriots administering Hong Kong" and "patriots administering Macao". Support Hong Kong and Macao in developing their economies and improving people's livelihood, give full play to their own advantages and characteristics, actively participate in the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, better integrate into the overall development of the country, and maintain the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and Macao.

We must adhere to the Party's overall strategy for resolving the Taiwan issue in the new era, adhere to the one-China principle and the "92 Consensus", resolutely oppose "Taiwan independence" separatism and foreign interference, promote the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, unswervingly advance the great cause of the reunification of the motherland, and safeguard the fundamental interests of the Chinese nation. Deepen cross-strait integration and development, enhance the well-being of compatriots on both sides of the strait, and work together to create the great cause of national rejuvenation.

We need to adhere to an independent foreign policy of peace, adhere to the path of peaceful development, firmly pursue a mutually beneficial and win-win strategy of opening-up, advocate an equal and orderly multipolar world and inclusive economic globalization, promote the building of a new type of international relations, oppose hegemonism, hegemony and bullying, and uphold international fairness and justice. China stands ready to work with the international community to implement the Global Development Initiative, the Global Security Initiative and the Global Civilization Initiative, promote the common values of all mankind, promote the reform of the global governance system, and promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

Dear Representatives!

The mission is to take responsibility and strive to create the future. We must unite more closely around the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, take Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as the guide, strengthen confidence, forge ahead, strive to complete the annual economic and social development goals and tasks, and make unremitting efforts to comprehensively promote the construction of a strong country and the great cause of national rejuvenation with Chinese-style modernization!

(Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 12)


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