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Localization Services

Localization Services

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If your team does not have rich experience in equipment operation, don't worry, China Railway Sunward provides you with perfect after-sales support.

China Railway Sunward provides you with a variety of services and support to solve problems, services from machine launch, excavation, all the way to project breakthrough, including equipment site disassembly and assembly, launch, maintenance and operation training. China Railway Sunward onsite service engineers are known for their plentiful enthusiasm, attentiveness, and excellent technical knowledge and construction experiences in the field.

China Railway Sunward pursues continuous improvement in the construction of hardware and software in all aspects of before, during and after sales of products. When you have an onsite service engineer from China Railway Sunward, you also have all the technical support from our company. 


The field service included with the purchase or rental of tunnel boring machine:

On-site technical support

● On-site supervise of assembly, commissioning and launch of the tunnel boring machine .

● Field service and classroom training for equipment operators


● Technicians for emergency repair and troubleshooting within the test boring 

● Field service and training for equipment operators



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