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Tunnel continuous belt conveyor
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Tunnel continuous belt conveyor

Φ6980 earth pressure balance shield supporting continuous belt conveyor design parameters
■ Conveying medium: slag soil
■ Design capacity: 370t/h
■ Design length: 3.9km
■ Designed belt width: 800mm
■ Design belt speed: 0-3.2m/s
■ Belt type: steel wire belt ST800
■ Configuration power: head (2 × 160kW)
■ Tensioning mode: frequency conversion automatic tensioning

Vertical lifting belt conveyor design parameters for subway tunnel
■ Conveying medium: slag soil
■ Design capacity: 740t/h
■ Lifting height: 75m
■ Lifting angle: 82° ■ Designed belt width: 1400t/h
■ Designed belt width: 1400mm
■ Design belt speed: 0-2.5m/s
■ Tape type: corrugated edge steel wire belt ST1600
■ Configuration power: head (250kW)
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Product description

  Tunnel Continuous Belt Machine is a kind of continuous material transportation equipment used for tunnel excavation slagging, which can greatly improve the efficiency of slagging, and is mainly used with shield machine or hard rock TBM supporting construction. It is characterized by simple operation and maintenance, no pollution, safety and reliability, and high degree of automation. It is widely used in the slagging system of mountain tunnel, urban subway, comprehensive pipeline corridor and other tunnel construction projects.

  As a kind of general-purpose continuous conveying equipment for bulk materials, belt conveyor has been serialized in terms of bandwidth, rollers, pulleys and other components, but the whole machine is often a customized product, which needs to be designed and matched in detail for the requirements of conveying process, according to different project working conditions or specific terrain lines. Through research and development, the current product line has covered continuous belt conveyor and fixed belt conveyor with B=500~3000mm, the range of bandwidth covers both national standard and American standard, and special bandwidths can be customized for customers to meet specific working conditions.

  Product features:

  1. Realize continuous and uninterrupted slag discharge, meet the maximum slag discharge capacity of roadheading machine, and ensure high efficiency and productivity of roadheading.

  2. strong adaptability and anti-interference ability, along the side of the tunnel or the upper part of the arrangement, the effective use of tunnel space. 3. energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection.

  3. energy saving and emission reduction, protect the environment, improve the air quality in the tunnel, reduce the slag splash and secondary transfer.

  4. high degree of automation, can be linked with the shield machine control.

  5. safe and reliable, no risk of skidding, set up safety protection and video monitoring system.

  6. small turning slag discharge can be realized, the minimum turning radius is about 200m.

  7. large storage capacity of conveyor belt, the storage belt warehouse can be arranged horizontally or vertically, adapting to different starting conditions.

  8. double-head vulcanizing platform can realize simultaneous vulcanization and improve efficiency.

  9. Intermediate drive can be added according to the transportation distance to reduce belt tension and improve reliability.

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